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schwim wrote: Image
At a disabled parking bay... So it's hand controlled?
Maddel wrote: At a disabled parking bay... So it's hand controlled?

Not necessarily. In the US, you can get a HD permit or tag due to disabilities that don't affect your ability to drive or even walk for that matter. They issued me a handicap tag due to my military-related disability and I can drive to the store and walk into it without issue. My wife gets mad when I won't use the parking space and we have to park really far out and hike in :)
went to school with a guy who had a handicap placard in his car because he was legally deaf.
when asked wtf is up with that his translator told us that deaf people qualify for them because with the lack of ability to hear it's dangerous to walk through the parking lot. :shock:
just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it wont be a good time
Wow, that's a great selection of some super awesome ratfink stuff! Are those yours?
No, not mine. :( Just stumbled across the pic while browsing the web.
No idea if they're available over here at all. I have never seen these kits before. :o
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