You know you want to, you social butterfly.
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How odd is it that we're discussing the Beetle's "heavy weight" :)

I loved watching that vid. It's like my version of ASMR. It's like when I used to join MTB races. I knew I was going to come in last before the race started but I was totally cool with it. I was just happy to see it all happen around me :)

PS: I did visit while watching the video :)
Leave it to this car to make you feel guilty about the opulence and excess of your VW:

I love it!
My neighbor had a "Kleinschnittger". The thing was even parked in our garage for a while...

Funny guys in this vid:

Pull start:

No reverse:

Drive past (the first one isn't a Kleinschnittger but a Gogmobil TL):

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