An interesting link relating to the vintage Volkswagen that's posted every day(give or take).
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Mr. Cutts tells a tale of a VW that lied about it's age to party with the big kids.

That is a crazy story.

The first shop that restored it either did the hack job or for sure would have noticed it when they restored it and by selling it they scammed the buyer/current owner.

Unless the current owner told the current shop to take it down to bare metal to gather evidence that it was a hack job to take legal action against the seller, its crazy they would/can buy a very classic and nice looking VW (on the outside anyway) and take it to a shop to have it totally restored right after purchase.

I think that may be some of the worst welding I've seen. I can't believe they could hide all of that with filler.

Concerning buying it for $70k only to tear it down for a restoration, I would guess they saw some questionable stuff that made them want to investigate further. I've seen threads on the Samba where people spent huge dollars and tore it completely apart to change the paint color.
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