An interesting link relating to the vintage Volkswagen that's posted every day(give or take).
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Sit down, shut up, strap in and hang on! This isn't your grandfather's people's car:

Aahaa! Finnish Rally... Heres the appropriate soundtrack...
By the way, one can play both vids the same time! ;)

Those rally Bug's are cool and that is a great video.

That is recent right, like in the last few years or is that old footage from the 90's?
That channel posts almost all recent clips so I would guess we're looking at stuff that only happened within the last year or less.
Watching that video again triggered my memories as a teen of my friends and I driving on forest service roads in the Tillamook forest one day when it had snowed.

Me in my Baja, one guy in his 1970 bug (same year as my Baja was), and a friend in a little toyota 4x4.
We did a small VW rally race after the toyota truck went ahead to make sure no one was on the forest service road that had about 2" of snow on it.
It was a blast but we were not going anywhere near the speed of the VW's in the video.
I did manage to crack a fiberglass fender on that trip :)

Check out that driving at 2:40!
Cool video.

No joke, my friend and I drove our Bug's at about the same speeds on the forest service roads in the mid 1980's and with the same amount of sliding as most Bug's in the video (except for the guy at 2:40! Crazy).

It seems like there are more Bug rally's in Europe compared to the US.
How to bypass a tire issue...

That's the guy that forgot to call "shotgun".

And an awesome Fastback...

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