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Alright thanks for the info; I have discussed with my dad and we are planning how we will do this.

Have you seen anything on the web that covers making a good set of braces. We figure we can fabricate a similar solution to the ones shown in the door. We are just trying to sort out where would be the best place to place cross braces; our preference would be to use bolted tie down points but we could tac weld in if necessary.

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I think you're going to find that the most natural placement for the cross piece that the body will sit on is going to be where the wheels sit. The body is naturally recessed at those points vertically and helps you keep the body stable.

On mine, I crossed at those two points and it's super stable. The body has never tried to shift in spite of all the hammering and cutting that's been done to it. You can of course weld or bolt at those points to increase rigidity.
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