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schwim wrote: And anytime we come back through this way, we usually stop at the Nantahala Outdoor Center to grab something to eat
The girls indeed look sort of freezing and/or annoyed = HUNGRY! :D

schwim wrote: Oh, they look comfy! I just noticed that we lace them the same way as well. Perhaps that's common for Docs?
Had a closer look at your lacing and it seems you're using this Straight Bar Lacing or may be the Commando Lacing.
I use the Straight European Lacing. An old shoemaker showed it to me years ago when I was a teenager because
I often twisted my ankle during my incredible (short) soccer career. :lol:
Who knew there were so many types? It seems I'm a fan of the straight bar lacing :)

Speaking of shoes(not straight-bar):

nice shoes, you going to the bosstones concert later :lol:
seriously though, bosstones kick ass!
also used to rock the straight bar lacing myself back in the day. then i got to lazy to re-lace my shoes when i got them and now it's just whatever.
just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it wont be a good time
I love me some Mighty mighties.

Yesterday, I replaced my wood block holding up the passenger window with an actual regulator. Today was the rear brakes and lift pucks. Went much easier than the front:

Spring is here!

Nice vid. I also like the peek of that construction at the backyard (sort of a carport?) posted in the earlier pics.

Changed from winter to summer wheels on the Audi yesterday.
Bad premonition has proven: road salt took its toll on the brakes.
They still work but the disks as well as the calipers are badly corroded. :?
Looks like everything has to be replaced... I was too frustrated to take any pics of that mess... :roll:
Road salt. I can't tell you how happy I am that we don't get enough inclement weather here to need it. I just can't imagine sacrificing vehicles to it.

Today wasn't very exciting but it was relaxing. Only one fallen tree to cut up. Got to feeling bad during the ride so missed the final two loops of the trails but still a very enjoyable day.
These are hefty wheels. How do they handle?
The weapon of choice on soft ground I guess...
Maddel wrote: These are hefty wheels. How do they handle?

It's a fun bike to learn to ride. Since the bike doesn't have any suspension to speak of, air pressure is magic. Too much pressure can make it a misery(violent shocks up the arms), too little and you either pinchflat or roll the tire right off the rim on turns but getting it right makes it the most fun bike I've ever ridden. The added weight and tire patch makes it slower on the uphills but I don't mind as I gained more winter weight than my bike did :)

Maddel wrote: The weapon of choice on soft ground I guess...

The only reasons this type of bike exists is "snow biking" and riding during bad weather. It's the only thing it excels at. It's heavier, slower, handles more poorly. Most people who buy one hang it in their garage to ride it twice a year. The guy who I bought mine from bought it in 2014, rode it three times and sold it to me for 1/5 of what he bought it for.

This will be my ride for the whole year. I think of it like I do the Bronco. It's worse at everything that I use it for but I don't care. It's fun.

I apologize for the incoming bike spam:






schwim wrote: Image
Wow - serious daredevil action is going on here!! Mrs. Maddel would go berserk at this sight. :lol:
A few of her unbelieving comments on the pic:

Me: "Schau mal, Jason bastelt..."
She: "Aha... Ein Fahrrad... Im Wohnzimmer!!? Das lehnt doch an der Couch, oder nicht!??
Ach und das Werkzeug liegt gleich daneben. Und ist das eine Tube Fett dort vor dem Schrank, oder was??!
Das ist doch Teppich! Alle Achtung!!"

It was too funny! :D ;)
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