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so this happened...
i leave work, it's got to be a sunny 65 degrees. i get maybe 2 miles down the street and it got dark and cold. im waiting to turn left and hear thunder.
i get a few miles down the street , hear thunder again, and all hail broke loose! i don't think iv seen hail like this (speaking in terms of volume) ever.


i was passing side streets that looked like they got snowed on. people were pulling over under trees (pussy's), found out what it was like to drive on icey and semi flooded roads.

i get a few more miles down the street, get to a gas station (i needed gas) and it was sunny again
just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it wont be a good time

We live in the Appalachian mountains but even we see it rarely. It's like being back in FL, except not as many people from New Jersey.
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