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yeah, so i just bought a pair of rollerblades. used to skate like crazy back in the mid 90's. i used to use recreational skates slightly modified for what we called "aggressive inline skating" and did that and played a ton of street hockey. thinking (ok, knowing) i wasn't ever going to jump off stairs to grind a handrail again i bought hockey skates. ...yeah... i uhhh... iv forgotten how to skate. and after trying for 10 minutes my legs were hurting. lol
just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it wont be a good time
Hey, it could be worse. Imagine trying to relive your 2-5 years.

Man, those things are heavy. If you're not used to them, your leg muscles feel like you had anvils tied to your feet. I was never into skating so every time I tried it, it felt that way to me and I walked funny for a week afterward.
Maddel wrote:

love that movie. lol

just an update, turns out i had them laced wrong so i was experiencing "lace bite". so i re-laced them. they now fell better and fit better. im currently eating dinner. ill give it another go after im done (providing i don't over eat and feel like crap. which i have a tendency to do. which is why im a fat ass. just sayin')

edit: ok just skated back and forth on the patio out back for about 15 minutes. much better! the lacing made a huge difference. muscles are probably going to be aching a little bit in a few hours. yesterday i was basically just trying not to fall. today i was actually skating! getting the stride down. another month of this and i might be willing to be seen doing it in public lol
really need to work on stopping, hockey skates have no stoppers
thinking about giving waxed laces a shot as well.
just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it wont be a good time
time for another update
im getting better. i made it to the corner and back. legs not hurting. i can do ok on smooth surfaces, but the street is still sketchy feeling (especially right now with it full of leaves and sticks)
just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it wont be a good time
How much have you gotten to practice? I've noticed when I've been away from the bike for a very long time that it takes me a few hours riding before I lose that feeling of always being on the verge of wiping out at any speed over a crawl.
not a lot. realistically, 45 minutes. lol do to dealing with something emotionally and mentally debilitating i had no motivation for about 3 weeks. then the weather got bad and the state was on fire again. didn't need to be outside breathing all that crap in. and now im fighting with sticks and leaves all over the street.
i was thinking about it last night, there's a roller hockey rink by my work i should go check out. i pass by it everyday and there's never anyone there. if the surface is still good it would be a better place to practice. nothing to run into and nothing to trip over.
just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it wont be a good time
Well, we don't have any fires to speak of but I can relate to the crappy weather and trying times. I hope you're able to get to the rink to get some skating in. Extra points for pics or vid :)
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