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Hmmm... After a good deal of thought I vote for the steel pan theme...
Not rock really but great for some chill out...

VW 1302 S

Very nice! How about a song that sounds eerily familiar to it?

Incidentally, the first song of theirs I ever learned on the guitar.

Tool! My brother love'em... And the Sober vid is simply awesome!

Ok then for some weird & gloomy stuff...
The footage below is from the French short movie "Le Bunker de la Derniére Rafale" by Jean-Pierre Jeunet from 1981.
:wumpscut: used screenshots from this movie for the artwork of his Bunkertor 7 album.
The Bunkertor 7 video was done by a :wumpscut: fan. :wumpscut: also qualifies for the "on man band" category.
Please note: Wumpscut is no profascist and/or racist project/act – Free your mind for a second thought…

VW 1302 S

Wow, very cool and I've never heard it before. His singing style reminds me of this:

Some more :wumpscut: Tschüsch Domos, Soylent Green, Dr. Thodt, She's Dead (Kirlian Camera Remix).
Check out the movie "Le bunker de la dernière rafale" too: Part 1/2, Part 2/2

May be we alienate some visitors a bit with all that weird stuff. :lol:
Let's go a bit more mainstream again...
Well... Concerning the soundtrack at least...

VW 1302 S

What an incredibly influential band. There's so many covers to choose from but I'm going to go with Shinedown this time. It was a close race between them and Deftones :)

My absolute favorite from these guys, but it has to have the intro included.

Ok, I'm not that versed in (early) Thrash Metal but what about this one?

VW 1302 S

2 of my all time favorites

just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it wont be a good time

Wow, they were young then and Dexter's dreads! What a trend setter!

Incidentally, NOFX wrote this song when they were signed to Epitaph with Dexter and crew. They had had enough of the Offspring's "Woahs" :D

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