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Hmmm... After a good deal of thought I vote for the steel pan theme...
Not rock really but great for some chill out...

Very nice! How about a song that sounds eerily familiar to it?

Incidentally, the first song of theirs I ever learned on the guitar.

Tool! My brother love'em... And the Sober vid is simply awesome!

Ok then for some weird & gloomy stuff...
The footage below is from the French short movie "Le Bunker de la Derniére Rafale" by Jean-Pierre Jeunet from 1981.
:wumpscut: used screenshots from this movie for the artwork of his Bunkertor 7 album.
The Bunkertor 7 video was done by a :wumpscut: fan. :wumpscut: also qualifies for the "on man band" category.
Please note: Wumpscut is no profascist and/or racist project/act – Free your mind for a second thought…

Wow, very cool and I've never heard it before. His singing style reminds me of this:

Some more :wumpscut: Tschüsch Domos, Soylent Green, Dr. Thodt, She's Dead (Kirlian Camera Remix).
Check out the movie "Le bunker de la dernière rafale" too: Part 1/2, Part 2/2

May be we alienate some visitors a bit with all that weird stuff. :lol:
Let's go a bit more mainstream again...
Well... Concerning the soundtrack at least...

What an incredibly influential band. There's so many covers to choose from but I'm going to go with Shinedown this time. It was a close race between them and Deftones :)

My absolute favorite from these guys, but it has to have the intro included.

Ok, I'm not that versed in (early) Thrash Metal but what about this one?

2 of my all time favorites

just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it wont be a good time

Wow, they were young then and Dexter's dreads! What a trend setter!

Incidentally, NOFX wrote this song when they were signed to Epitaph with Dexter and crew. They had had enough of the Offspring's "Woahs" :D

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