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Seen a nifty VW while out and about? Share it with the crew!

Saw this one advertising a tattoo parlor at a car show today:


Poor Bus, it looks like it has a skin rash :)

None too nifty looking bugs... Two photos taken by my dad back in the early '90s...


VW 1302 S

Wow, that's a sad pair of photos.

Did you notice when you look at that pile of old cars you see many different and nice colors.

Now all modern cars are practically the same color and only a few have nice colors like most older cars had.
The black car my wife drives is nice but we wanted it in red or orange but those colors were not options.

My dad used to tell me that automobiles were shifting from more exciting colors and designs to less offensive and I think he was right. Most of the models you see look roughly the same both in design and color. I'm pretty sure some surveys figured out what the safest shapes and colors were and they ran with it.

We need a reemergence of fins.

at a car show in Lakewood CA. today. a Hot VW's feature car.


Wow, that looks to be very weld done and I like a lot of elements to it. Sunroof, Weld-style rims, one piece windows and pop outs... Is that like a seafoam green color?

Feb 2017 issue of Hot VW's.
says paint is Chiaro Verde Glasurite Base and RM clear.

and here's another one from another show today.
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