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Autocross: Heinz Aichlseder, 1303 Super Beetle, 2.6 liter type IV engine...

:shock: :shock: :shock:


That thing's an absolute monster!

Does Porsche have a sequential transmission? The shifts are so fast, he can't possibly be using a traditional gated transmission.

The Aichlseder site needs getting used to...

They also buit this HÖBART 2 OHC Motor - a work of art:

The Aichlseder Bros are simply awesome... :shock:
Found them on the the Samba lately too...
https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewt ... p?t=176929
Spotted two more vids featuring the Type 1 double OHC Bug, autocross & hillclimb - scary...

That's just incredible. That tach needle goes from 11 in like no time flat! I wouldn't have the required balls to keep that thing at it's redline.

Thanks to the vids and it's related videos, today's Dose of Dub will be rallycross! :)
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