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Have you ever seen this channel via your TV with an antenna or by watching online?

I think it is a Great channel with great shows.
Sure some shows are from the late 1990's but it is cool to see that stuff.

Check it out.

I love My Classic Car! That guy has gotten to drive some amazing rides. Did you see the artist's rendition of a VW bus?

I'll trade you one great source for awesome car vids with another. If you haven't already, you can watch pretty much all the shows on Powerblock Nation and see some pretty amazing fab work. I have gone through all of the series more than once. I keep it open on the second monitor and just watch through all the seasons while I work.

Another series I like to watch is Overhaulin' It's light on the scripted reality and really heavy on skill. Here's a VW build from them.
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