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I am part of this old but small VW club here locally.

Recently the guy who creates/hosts a local car show called the Vintage Vehicle Show joined the club, he has a VW Bus.
We are hoping to convince him he needs to feature more old VW's on is show :lol:
I've got to tell you, I really, REALLY love living way back in the woods of Western NC but the downside of never seeing ANYONE that shares your interests, whether it's autos, music or underwater basketweaving gets to be a bit of a drag. I've tried to give stuff away on a Bronco forum I'm a member of and nobody lived close enough to grab stuff for free.

It's sort an exile of sorts. The rare time I see someone driving through in a classic car, I contemplate going stalker and following them. Luckily, I own no vehicles capable of keeping up.

Thank goodness for my internet friends :)
Being remote sounds nice and my wife and I have a goal of living outside a small town somewhere on some land if we can.

It sounds like you are really remote so I assume its a long drive to a town where any VW event might happen especially if people don't want free stuff your giving away due to the driving distance.

At least you can get the Internet, it really is nice to see and chat with people you know online with similar interests when you don't have other options.
You can get an idea of the remote nature on the member map. I live smack dab in the middle of a national forest region. I'm equidistant from Atlanta, Chattanooga and Asheville, each one being around 2 1/2 hrs away. That's the closest any events come to me.

Not a bad deal, all things considered. I just miss seeing all the cool creations that I took for granted in more populated areas.
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