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yeah, so i just bought a pair of rollerblades. used to skate like crazy back in the mid 90's. i used to use recreational skates slightly modified for what we called "aggressive inline skating" and did that and played a ton of street hockey. thinking (ok, knowing) i wasn't ever going to jump off stairs to grind a handrail again i bought hockey skates. ...yeah... i uhhh... iv forgotten how to skate. and after trying for 10 minutes my legs were hurting. lol
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Hey, it could be worse. Imagine trying to relive your 2-5 years.

Man, those things are heavy. If you're not used to them, your leg muscles feel like you had anvils tied to your feet. I was never into skating so every time I tried it, it felt that way to me and I walked funny for a week afterward.
Maddel wrote:

love that movie. lol

just an update, turns out i had them laced wrong so i was experiencing "lace bite". so i re-laced them. they now fell better and fit better. im currently eating dinner. ill give it another go after im done (providing i don't over eat and feel like crap. which i have a tendency to do. which is why im a fat ass. just sayin')

edit: ok just skated back and forth on the patio out back for about 15 minutes. much better! the lacing made a huge difference. muscles are probably going to be aching a little bit in a few hours. yesterday i was basically just trying not to fall. today i was actually skating! getting the stride down. another month of this and i might be willing to be seen doing it in public lol
really need to work on stopping, hockey skates have no stoppers
thinking about giving waxed laces a shot as well.
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