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I owned one of these B2 quattros. Same color but with the smallest engine available (75 hp)... :D :lol:

VW 1302 S
Wow, 900 hp sleeper! that's incredible!

quad turbo 3k horsepower Patrol

What an incredible amount of ingenuity:

Now that car needs a more cool engine IMHO...

Since it already has a single cylinder setup Dr_C came up my mind.
You may remember him from UHE. ;) So what about a Husaberg 650 DOHC motor? :D

By the way, while browsing Mats' YouTube account I learned that he likes Too Many Zooz! 8-)
VW 1302 S
What is called autocross in America is "Slalom" in Europe.
European Autocross is like this...

VW 1302 S
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