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I managed to miss it this year... :cry:
VW 1302 S
A few alternative drive systems...

Finally a work of art...

VW 1302 S
always liked the sound of a radial engine.
Super_Randy wrote: always liked the sound of a radial engine.


seen that video before.
i just want to know if we can attach some kind of car shredding blade of death to it and can i drive to work in reverse :twisted:
You should put one at each end so you don't have to put yourself out.
schwim wrote: CLEAR FOR TAKEOFF!
Yeah - the very earth shakes!
Two of my favorites...

VW 1302 S
Can't afford a Lambo? Build your own!

iv build several. a couple in 1/24 scale. one 1/32 scale. even have a couple i can drive. one 1/24 scale slot car. and a 1/14 scale RC car. and those are just the Countach's.

in other news

or if you just need a laugh
lol, MOM, I"M BUSY!

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