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passenger side running board is off and in far worse condition than i thought. its gong to take some fixing before i can put the new mat on.
drivers side, im afraid to look, it should be better but im guessing not much.

rust sucks.
Rust is always a bummer, hope its not too bad..

For a quick fix use a Rust Converter spray on it and then paint over that with a rust sealing POR-15 type paint.
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lol. minions are awesome

and sense im here i might as well post a pic- less update on the bug.
i changed one door seal before getting pissed at the sun and the humidity. german door seals are a very snug fit and seal super good. well worth the extra money. and the running boards are completely disassembled, im weighing options (ok, procrastinating) i think im just going to fiberglass the holes, treat it like body work, paint them, reassemble and install. they're on the back burner for the time being, im planing on going to bug-in in October, ill hit the swap meet, see if i can't find a better set of original german boards that need some love.
i have motivation to buy parts, im just lacking motivation to go out and install those parts...
Hey Randy,

If you can buy POR-Patch it works great to fill in holes where it doesn't need to look perfect.
This stuff drys so hard it is difficult to sand down and when you use some mesh cloth and squish the POR-Patch into the mesh just like you do fiber glass it makes a great repair.

Just get it flat as you want it on the repair before it drys and wear disposable rubber gloves for sure.

that would work for the drivers side and the small hole on the passenger side, but, well ill try to post a pic of the passenger side this weekend. most people (anyone in there right mind) would just replace it. but im a cheap bastard that likes to do things the hard way so we'll see what happens.
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