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That Mini belonged to my Brother's girlfriend. I never drove one myself but rode shotgun a few times.
Man, that was fun but scary as well! :o
These things handle very much like a kart with front engine and sort of a body. :shock:

Over here some people call such small (powerful) vehicles "überdachte Zündkerze"...
Literally translated that means "canopied spark plug". :D

August 2002

Red alive and kicking - he bore his age well so far...


The quirks of this bike and a pic of Red in my Husaberg forum gallery
were the reasons I ran into a certain Mr. Schwim... 8-)

April 2005

Notch sat in the barn since spring 1992... In bits and more or less untouched.
I realized that that my lack of time was the showstopper for this project.
Eventually - with a heavy heart - I decided to sell Notch. :(

Put the essential stuff back together...



December 2006



My latest acquisition: Bumblebee the pit bike...
A 125 cc 12 hp Honda clone made in China.
Perfect for cruising the village - and it's air cooled. 8-)


why you gotta reinforce my want for a pit bike?
just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it wont be a good time
Yeah, that would be the bomb. I keep finding myself looking at the local ChinaDS and enduro bike showroom because I'd love to ride the local fire roads but I'm afraid I won't be able to find parts when it suffers it's inevitable failure :)
June 2007

I was about to go for a spin with Red when I noticed some liquid drops on the floor underneath
the frame head area of the car. :?

What kind of liquid would one expect there on an air cooled rear engine car?
Well... With a little luck it's windshield washer fluid but of course it wasn't.
Man! I hate brake fluid! :evil:

I didn't change the brake lines back in '89 so the time had come to pay the piper..

The braided hoses that connect the tubing from the brake fluid reservoir to the master
cylinder were all brittle and started to leak badly.

Truly bugged out I decided to renew the entire brake system.

Removed the brake lines and master cylinder...




The red paint underneath the brake fluid reservoir had dissolved too.
By the way - did I mention that I hate brake fluid??


Patched it with black paint...
Not very esthetic but it worked. The area is covered by the trunk liner anyway.

Fortunately the brake fluid didn't make it's way all down the "black hole" so I was able
to fix all damage to the paintwork.


July 2007

While I was working on the font end I thought it would be a good idea take care of the front suspension too...



Brake fluid: what a perfect paint stripper... :?


And at the rear? What about replacing the brake drums with discs? Yes of course, go for it!

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